ADDABANA: Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam

A periodical scientific journal published by the Islamic Religious Education Study Program (PAI) of Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) Al Falah Banjarbaru. This journal is devoted to including writing in the form of Islamic education research results, or written ideas in the form of scientific work with a cognate field of study. The purpose of this journal is to accommodate ideas and ideas about Islamic education and to facilitate the academic community in general to obtain credit numbers in support of its existence in the academic world. All published articles are individual insights and ideas from authors who do not represent this journal or author's affiliated institutions. This journal is published twice a year in February and August.

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Vol 6, No 2 (2023): August

Table of Contents

Siti Rahmawati, Raden Rama Yudha Anggara
Siti Mas'ah, Rahmi Rabiaty
Hidayatullah Hidayatullah
Muhammad Husni, Ardani Ardani
Musyarofah Musyarofah, Diah Puspitaningrum